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  • Дата: 4-10-2018, 11:03
4-10-2018, 11:03

Outpost Zero EA Patch #15 от 03.10.18

Категория: Новости / Игры / Outpost Zero

 Outpost Zero EA Patch #15 от 03.10.18


EA Patch #15: Исправления AI и структур

 Текущий патч направлен на исправления многих функций создания и транспортировки ИИ, а также исправлений структур и транспортных средств. В течение оставшейся недели мы будем работать над укреплением нашего процесса QA, чтобы мы могли продолжать выпускать высококачественные патчи с множеством исправлений для вас. На следующей неделе мы откроем наш режим Cataclysm и объявим о нашем следующем крупном мероприятии в сообществе. Будьте на связи!
Полный список изменений:
  • Full efficient alphabetical sort implemented. Reskin the social system menu. 
  • Minor adjustments to the placement and location of other UI elements so that everything fits better and doesn't clip over eachother as much. 
  • Fixed the wall light placement
  • Increase spawn exclusion range to 25m and only in claimed territory
  • Use RaidingAllowed to turn on/off ambushes
  • Reskinned "P" Menu
  • Increase placement dist of Extractor so you don't get stuck and is easier to place. Scale down to 75% of previous size.
  • Turrets won't shoot animals until they aggro
  • Vehicles will now immediately stop when dismounting.
  • Vehicles can be mounted if they have no fuel, and display "no fuel" in the fuel bar
  • Vehicles will now be "owned" after jacking them so your turrets dont shoot them
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles would move/slide forward when unmounted
  • Fixed vehicle strafe/reverse speed being too high and resulting in odd behavior
  • Added /cheat GetPerformanceReport duration runs a profile for duration on the server. 
  • Fixed the power UI in the E menu for buildings to be like it is in the interact. 
  • Removed 1s cooldown on upgrade button
  • Warning sound will now play if below 100 shields or 200 energy
  • AI Bots, Pirates, and Animals will not path into lava anymore. This may affect bases built over lava.
  • Added /cheat fly - use mouse wheel up and down to fly. Then use /cheat walk to go back to the ground.
  • Full alphabetic sort on crafting list instead of just first letter.
  • UI Fixes for the right hand inventory
  • Fix a bug with caching items on server reload, causing issues with crafting and hauling
  • Change the AI storage usage system so that it's based on a drop down list, with tooltips to describe how AI use them
  • Various fixes to deposit and hauling behaviors to avoid superfluous and confusing AI speech 
  • Fixed some config variable issues, all config variables should now work correctly
  • AI will "ignore" pipelines by default
  • Fix shield placement
  • Make cowardly bots search a much larger distance for their cowardly base destination, and take fewer breaks when running. If none found, make them run farther from the enemy.
  • Reskinned Grenades
  • Fixed door UI so the auto checkbox doesn't clip at the bottom and be unselectable.
  • Fix hoversled engine FX
  • Move storage manifest to other side of map
  • Fix thrown weapon spamming, and update damage and gravity values on thrown projectiles
  • Inflow pipelines only transfer in stacks of > 20

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