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8-03-2018, 17:54

Subnautica Update 84

Категория: Новости / Игры / Патчи, обновления и списки изминений

Subnautica Update 84 Released 8 МАРТА

Crushing Bugs

Since launch, we have been prototyping potential Subnautica expansions, working on Xbox One launch, and working on tidying up some of the more glaring bugs in the Steam 1.0 release.

Today we released an update that includes a bunch of that tidying up. Here's the list of changes:

  • Main menu button texts update correctly when switching languages
  • In-game menu button text colors fixed
  • F8 panel fully translated
  • Cyclops flooding leak indicators now clearly outside of the hull
  • Controller navigation and selection boxes fixed
  • Builder menu usable with swapped mouse buttons
  • Lifepod fabricator lighting fixed
  • Cyclops hatch door collider fixed
  • Disallow poster placement where wall lockers are disallowed
  • Non-localized text removed from color customization terminal
  • Physics bugs with ion cubes and precursor keys fixed
  • End-game achievements now trigger
  • Lost river creatures now immune to brine
  • Player mask now correctly lit
  • Can not despawn Aurora by building a base next to it anymore
  • Seamoth hatch animation fixed
  • Changing quality settings in game reminds player to restart the game
  • Time capsule UI simplyfied
  • Pathfinder tool recipe adjusted
  • Entering exosuit while sprinting fixed

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